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Things to do on a London Visit in June

The month of June marks onset of summer in London.  It is a most preferred time of the year to visit as the average temperature is generally high, that makes it favourable for family trips.Wimbledon 2016

Well fitted trousers in warm tones are usually preferred by women, as well as a pleasing, classy skirt that is teamed with flattering shirt or a top.  Comfortable sandals are a must have for tourists who wish to explore the city on foot. Since London weather is often unpredictable, it is always advised to carry a light rain jacket and a cardigan.

Denims are most preferred and versatile choice of clothing in London for everyone, so are black and other warmer colours.

Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships commence in the month of June.  Sports enthusiasts upon arrival can avail airport transfers from London to Wimbledon in pre booked taxis for comfortable transfers to destination of their choice. Besides online and telephonic booking choices, they also come with benefits such as free flight monitoring and vehicles based on varying passenger and luggage numbers.

Her majesty Queen Elizabeth II celebrates birthday in June, that is marked by Trooping the Colour ceremony. It is held on Horse Guards Parade near St James’ Park every year.

Food enthusiasts get a chance to savour dishes from London’s best restaurants between the dates 15/06/2016-19/06/2016. Scheduled to be held in Regent’s Park, it also involves cooking demonstrations by some of the city’s leading chefs.

Greenwich+ Docklands International Festival is a combination of free outdoor, dance and music events between the dates 24/06/2016 to 02/07/2016. Its shows are staged at public spaces all over Greenwich.

Immigrations formalities in Heathrow Airport

Immigration Enquiries at Heathrow AirportIn essence immigration checks are carried out by the UK’s Border Force at all entry points into the UK, these include airports, sea ports and international railway stations.

The procedure is fairly standard, anyone arriving into the UK would be required to provide their passport and other travel related documents such as visas to the border agent who would in turn look into the documents in order to verify and permit entry.

Listed below are the formalities and steps involved in customs and immigrations clearance at Heathrow Airport:

Passport control is the first mandatory stop for all passengers arriving at Heathrow Airport.  Two queues at the passport control involve one for European Union, European Economic area, British and Swiss nationals, and a second one for citizens of all the other countries. Passengers are screened for passport or travel document and any necessary supporting documents by Border Force officers. The procedure is usually carried out by scanners that also check the authenticity of other supporting documents.

E-passport gates:

For holders of e-passport, there are separate gates that open post face recognition check against the chip contained in the passport.

Baggage Reclaim:

Passport control is followed by baggage reclaim that also houses free baggage carts in case of heavy luggage.


UK customs is located after baggage reclaim, prior to public arrivals area. The custom points are distinct in Red, Blue and Green. Direct exit is possible in case of no declarations. Passengers from European Union, in absence of declarations can use the blue exit. They are subjected to Red customs point in case of goods to be declared.

For journeys that began in non European Union nation involve exit through Red customs point in case of goods to be declared. In absence, exit is by Green customs point.

Entry or exit from the European Union with an amount exceeding €10,000 calls for its declaration to the customs.

Passengers on transit journeys are subjected to baggage tagging. However, items in hand baggage that are liable for duty must still be declared.

Owing to passenger movements in large numbers, clearing the customs and immigrations in Heathrow may get time consuming at times. Post clearance, passengers are assured of a comfortable transfer in Heathrow Airport Taxis. The services can be pre booked to avoid waiting queues and drivers also assist in luggage handling. Different categories of vehicles are available that are spacious to accommodate varying passenger numbers and luggage.