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London Travel Tips for Americans

London is often the first choice for a holiday spot in Europe for most Americans.  Though they initially believe London to be similar to their own country they are always astounded by how different London is in every aspect. Disoriented by the general myths about the city, Americans are most often disappointed. Below are a few travel tips that would help them get the best of London.

At the Airports

After you have packed right and according to the regulations of your airlines make sure you follow a few tips when you arrive in London. Booking a taxi pick up in advance is a good idea to start your journey. The old English city has several quaint places and local drivers are the best to help you find your way. At the airport make sure to pick up important brochures related to public transport and interesting tourist attractions. Chat with your driver to understand the current weather and the festivals happening in the city.


Benefits of Booking a Taxi Online

Though there are many modes of transport, taxi services in London are preferred for transfers in London and also for all airport transfers. The reason for this is that taxi transfers are more comfortable and reliable.

  • Why wait in long queues to hire a taxi? Pre book a taxi online with us for a trouble free and time saving journey.
  • Taxi drivers may charge extra if you are new to the city, so it’s always best to book your taxi or minicab online and in advance.
  • We offer fixed prices and also up to £10 discount on all online card bookings, which is not possible with other airport taxi companies.
  • Our driver will wait for your arrival at the airport terminal, and he will also help you with your luggage.


World’s Best Destinations

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” — Henry Miller

Travel is a change that every individual experiences in his life. It is more about how you see new things. Travel to different destinations in the world brings vigor to the mind and also stimulates a transformation in the ideas of life.

Here is a list of world’s best destinations that any traveler must see at least once in his lifetime.

great wall of china The Great Wall of China, China

The Great Wall of China is one of world’s top ancient wonders. It is an earthen fortification built in the fifth century to protect the Chinese empire in the North from Nomadic invasion and was again rebuilt till the 16th century. The wall stretches upto 8,851 kilometres and was initially built only with rammed earth, stones and wood and later on some brick were used.

The architectural grandeur and historical significance of the great wall make it an appealing destination for visit.