London Shopping!!!
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Shopping is one of the reasons that people flock to London all year round. London has over 40,000 shops in wide varieties to meet the expectation of all types of people. London is considered to be the heart for music, style and fashion. High priced exclusive clothes and goods with wonderful deals are available in shops. Lovers of clothes and shoes can find varied collections in unique designs in all brands. All you have to do before you start
shopping is check your credit card limits and add more to your bank account.

Camden Market is one of London’s most popular markets. The market is crowded on all weekends and you can see exhausted shoppers in the hustle and bustle (more…)

Join 2012
Olympics in London

Olympics 2012– the two year countdown in the UK has started to alarm the world about the upcoming 30th Olympic Games. Sportsmanship, human achievement and the international community in one place, the world’s medal hopefuls displaying their skills, a city in complete action from 27th July to 12th August 2012– Yes! it comes as no surprise.
It’s the UK capital and busiest city London hosting Olympic Games, defeating Moscow, New York City, Madrid and Paris after four rounds of voting. Sports is not just a recreation in London; all Londoners visualize sports as a way of life. The exciting aspect of the 2012 Olympics is that London (more…)

Visit London’s
Top Tourist Attractions

London, the English capital draws massive attraction from people all over the world for its unique mix of old fashion traditions and modern attractions. The marvellous blending of history, culture, sport, nightlife, galleries, museums, landmarks, historical sites, shopping areas, entertainment zones, events, road shows and tourist spots in London is the reason for London’s popularity and richness.

If one dreams of visualizing his trip agenda, he has to map it for not days or weeks; it must certainly be months. The beauty of the city cannot be matched up with anything and it is one’s life time contentment of visiting the city of excellent ambiance.