blackcab-vs-minicabCrème de la crème – obviously, the service rendered by the black cabs of London is just beyond excellence. Formerly known as Hackney Carriages, the London Black Cabs are appraised as the best taxi service in the globe and carries the superlative adjective terms like Big Ben or the Houses of Parliament. It’s not a cakewalk for any chauffeur to gain the coveted badges that lets them to start their services. The drivers should get themselves meticulously involved to gain proper knowledge to take up tests. Naturally, it nearly takes four years to gain the badges.

The London Black Cabs have no restrictions when it comes to the services. On the dot, it doesn’t have a pre-booking process and can pick passengers at any time on the streets. The term ‘BLACK CARS’ sometime might wrongly imply of its characteristic colour. Conversely, it can be spotted in any colours and attractive designs.