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Heathrow Airport Minicab – Stress Free Travel Through the Crowded City

To travel in a city as busy as London one needs to plan ahead and be well informed. If you are a first-time traveller you must ensure that you have your facts in place in order to avoid all the stress. Heathrow airport minicab is the most recommended option to assist you in your travel to London.

London has six international airports and Heathrow is the busiest of all. The airport is located 15 miles away from Central London and serves millions of passengers every year. The airport is connected to places in and around the city through buses, trains and the underground tube. However to find one`s way through this crowded airport is not an easy task.

With minicabs, every travel problem is resolved with ease. Minicabs are the only door-to-door service available in London and are exceptionally well organised. Minicabs can be booked online once you have booked your flight tickets to London. The online service is simple and easy which allows you to pick a vehicle of your choice.

Minicab drivers are a great way to start picking up important clues about the city. They are mostly locals and have abundant knowledge that would be very useful to first time travellers in London. They are friendly, warm and make your safety their top most priority. Minicab service providers ensure their team of drivers are well trained to handle all traffic situations with complete calmness and skill.

When you choose to hire a minicab from Heathrow you do not have to worry about flight delays or cancellations. Minicab service providers offer free flight monitoring service that helps you to automatically reschedule your pick up in case of any changes. Minicabs are prompt and reliable during all seasons and through every day of the year.

Ride from Heathrow to Central London is probably one of the country’s most beautiful stretches that is filled with historical monuments and beautiful green landscapes. Avail a minicab Heathrow to London and be sure to start your holiday in London on a remarkable note.

What to do Near Heathrow Airport?

The thought of spending long hours in an airport may not be a very welcoming one. But sometimes passengers are not left with much choice than to spend several hours of their transit time looking through the windows of the airport. Luckily, if such a situation arises at London Heathrow you are in a much better position to spend your transit time in a fun way.

Heathrow is London’s busiest and largest airport. It is located in the London Borough of Hillingdon and is 15 miles away from Central London. The airport has five passenger terminals, all equipped with enough stores and eateries to keep you entertained for one whole day.

If you decide to spend your transit time outside the airport, here are some of the options that might interest you. All you need to do is hire a London Heathrow airport minicab and have good fun.

Airport Bowl

Airport Bowl is a high-quality entertainment centre situated one mile away from Heathrow. Visitors to this bowling centre can enjoy a wide range of activities such as moonlight bowling, scrumptious, cosy restaurants and other team building activities. If you are travelling with your family and wish to spend some quality time with them, then Airport Bowl is the best place to unwind near Heathrow.

Pegasus Health Spa

Long haul flights may leave you feeling exhausted and sober. The Pegasus is a posh health spa that offers its clients a wide variety of corporal treats at reasonable prices. Patrons of the spa have rated it as one of the best places in London that indulges and re-energises you for the rest of your journey.

Feltham Shopping Centre

One activity that attracts the young and old alike is shopping. Women never hesitate to indulge in retail therapy and Feltham Shopping Centre on High Street never disappoints its visitors. The place is home all top class brands in fashion and is also a great place for grabbing a bite. The shopping mall is one of the biggest in London and offers ample parking space and all basic facilities.

Fastest and Easiest way from Heathrow to Central London

Heathrow is London’s largest, busiest and most advanced airport. It is located in London Borough of Hillingdon and is about 15 miles away from the heart of the city. The airport has five passenger terminals and handles over 70 million passengers every year. The airport is connected to Central London via the Heathrow Express, Heathrow Connect, National Express Coach, buses, the tube, taxis and minicabs. Most passengers travelling to London prefer booking the minicab before arriving at the airport.

Central London is home to several beautiful monuments and buildings that give you a real feel of the city. The culture and history of the English is well portrayed in this part of the city. Driving in a minicab across this beautiful city of London from the Heathrow is indeed a pleasurable experience.

Heathrow airport minicab offers a number of advantages that makes it the best choice for travelling from Heathrow to Central London. Minicabs can be prebooked with ease and offer comfortable door to door service. London Heathrow handles over a 100 airlines and flight cancellations and delays are very much a part of the day to day activities. In such cases a minicabs offer free flight monitoring services and reschedules your airport pick automatically.

Minicab from Heathrow terminal 5 eases your travel worries through warm, luxurious and prompt service. You can also be certain that minicabs are the safest option during late nights and bad weather days. Well trained drivers are another added advantage of hiring a minicab. They offer personalized service, making you feel at home. They are friendly and are a good place to start collecting some valuable information about the city. Minicab drivers are familiar with all locations and are well versed with even the quaintest streets of this English capital. They act at ease with traffic congestions at all circumstances. Whether you are looking for a prompt and safe drive from the Heathrow to Central London or would like to enjoy some great views of the city of London, minicabs are undeniably the best and the first choice.