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Heathrow to Stansted Transfers

Heathrow to Stansted by National Express, London Underground, Minicabs and TaxisLondon has six international airports and travelling between these six airports require sufficient planning. London is a busy city with an extensive public transport system. Read on to find out the various modes of transfer between Heathrow and Stansted.

Heathrow is London’s largest, busiest and the most advanced airport. It is located in the London Borough of Hillingdon. The airport has five passenger terminals connected to one another through a free shuttle service.

Stansted is London’s third busiest airport and supports the operations of low cost carriers. The airport is home to a single terminal that is equipped with all facilities such as restrooms, ATM machines, internet kiosks, shopping areas and refreshment centres. It is located in Essex and is 63 miles away from Heathrow.

Listed below are the ways to travel between the two airports in London.

National Express Coach

Only direct link between the two airports is the National Express Coach. The service offers a comfortable ride from as early as 5:00 am. The coach can be booked online and is not too expensive. It is safe and reliable but time consuming.

London Underground and Terravision

Passengers travelling from Heathrow to Stansted can try various combinations by using the tube and Terravision service to reach their destination. Passengers may take the London Underground to reach Victoria Station in Central London. Terravision bus connects passengers from Victoria station to Stansted on a regular basis. If you want to avoid traffic congestion of Central London, you can avail the Terravision service from Stratford. Stratford can be accessed from Heathrow via tube by changing lines at Holborn.

Minicabs and Taxis

Private hire minicabs and taxis offer a direct link between all airports in London. Travelling from one airport to another is usually restricted by time. Airport transfers also involve heavy luggage and when travelling as a large group, where public transport poses a number of difficulties. In order to feel safe, comfortable and to be on time, taxis are the most recommended option to travel from Heathrow to Stansted. Minicabs can be booked in advance thus relieving you of any stress related to reaching your destination. On reaching the airport, you just need to hop onto your minicab and you will be taken to your destination with complete safety and style. Booking minicab services using credit or debit card entitles you for great discounts and these services also provide a number of perks like free flight monitoring services, 30 minutes of free waiting time and infant seats with additional cost upon passenger’s request. If you wish to enjoy a stress free travel between airports and also be assured of reaching the right place promptly, then minicabs and taxis is invariably the right choice.

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What is the Fastest and Cheapest Way to Travel from Heathrow to Stansted?

All airport transfers must be planned well in advance in order to ensure there are no last minute mishaps. Heathrow and Stansted are two of the busiest airports in UK and strolling across London to reach one airport from another could be a tiresome task.  Read on to find the fastest and cheapest way to travel from Heathrow to Stansted.

Cheapest Transport from Heathrow to Stansted

The cheapest way to shuttle between two places may not be a direct service. It involves travelling via Central London and changing lines in intermediary stops. Also doing so costs passengers almost three hours when you can actually cover the distance in just one hour. Passengers can take the tube to Victoria station from Heathrow and then opt for the Terravision service to reach Stansted. The same can be followed via Liverpool station and by replacing Terravision with Stansted Express. If passengers wish to avoid the crowd at Central London stations, another option would be to change lines at Stratford. However in each case, passengers get to save some pounds but are highly prone to delays.

Fastest Transport from Heathrow to Stansted

Direct services between airports are the fastest way to reach Stansted from Heathrow. National Express Coach runs between the two airports frequently throughout the day. The journey time takes about 60 minutes and these coaches can get really crowded during peak hours of the day. Passengers who wish to combine speed, style and comfort choose taxi from Heathrow to Stansted. Taxis can be availed from all four terminals of Heathrow and they offer direct service to Stansted with no hassles. Taxi drivers are mostly locals and they are well versed with all routes and shortcuts. They are also trained to handle all traffic situations with composure and therefore ensure safety of their passengers at all times. Taxis offer great style and incomparable comfort for a stress free travel anywhere in London.