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Visit London’s
Top Tourist Attractions

London, the English capital draws massive attraction from people all over the world for its unique mix of old fashion traditions and modern attractions. The marvellous blending of history, culture, sport, nightlife, galleries, museums, landmarks, historical sites, shopping areas, entertainment zones, events, road shows and tourist spots in London is the reason for London’s popularity and richness.

If one dreams of visualizing his trip agenda, he has to map it for not days or weeks; it must certainly be months. The beauty of the city cannot be matched up with anything and it is one’s life time contentment of visiting the city of excellent ambiance.

There are many places to visit in London that one shouldn’t miss in one’s lifetime. The exotic places like The Tower of London, British Museum, London Eye, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey hit the top list of tourist attractions. The Tower of London, built in the 11th century is the original royal fortress. Standing as one of the best historic sites, the London Tower holds its place in historical record as a palace, prison, arsenal (store for the weapons and equipments in the country), place of torture and a place where the crown jewels are kept.

The British Museum is remarkable for its architectural design and is one of London’s oldest and most cherished museums brought into existence over 250 years ago. The art and antiquities inside the museum are amazing and exhibit London’s ancient culture, people’s life and beliefs. Getting full view of London from the giant Ferris Wheel, London Eye is an eye catching and breathtaking experience at greater heights, which one can keep in mind for the rest of his life.

Buckingham Palace is a perfect representation of the British Monarchy. It is the sign for the presence of the Royal Family and the flag is hoisted in the palace. The palace is the official place of the queen and people admire the flag hoist. And, changing of guards happens like a big ceremony. Westminster Abbey is the cathedral of the Royals where funerals, weddings and coronation take place. It is a good place to visit as the architecture and history of the place is awe-inspiring.

Moving between tourist spots in private hire vehicles with comfort and style is an added pleasure for tourists. If you need to travel to or from an airport and wish to have luxury ride in the cars, London Taxi Services are found to be comfortable for this purpose and rest assured you will be pleased with full time telephone and online support from service providers.

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