What to do
on Weekends in London

London has an unparalleled range of events and activities for Londoners and tourists on all weekends. For people who wish to escape from the pressure of the week days, London offers lots of refreshing events. The City does not rest on any weekend. Lovers of music, art, sports, history and much more have special events to entertain them.Some events in the line include Spring Festival in Kew Gardens, Maypole Dancing in Hyde Park, Regents Park Book Festival and St. Johns Wood Art Fair.

Kew Gardens is one of London’s most beautiful public gardens where people flood to enjoy events all through the year. Events are more special in spring as flowers bloom and keep the garden alive for 2 months time. During the month of April and May, people visit the Garden on weekends to listen to talks by famous horticulturists. Gardening lovers learn how to grow different types of flowers in different seasons. It is eye catching to see the flowers in full bloom in spring.

London’s largest park Hyde Park is busy during summer. The Park is open on all days and people visit the Park and conduct meetings and discussions. Maypole dancing is a tradition taking place in London for years on the first day of May. Although this is an annual event, people visit the Park on all weekends and spend their time.

The Book Festival in Regents Park is an ideal festival for new authors and people who purchase used books. The Park is open for all visitors and totally free of charge. People can find all kind of books in the last weekend of May and late spring.

The St. Johns Wood Art Fair takes place the first weekend of June. Artists visit London and share ideas. New artists learn more from the new artists. The art here is exhibited in many art galleries and shops.

And lets not forget the shopping that’s on offer in one of Europe most historical cites, but that’s another article..

Get entertainment and have a great time. London has lots and lots to offer visitors.