William Shakespeare
The Greatest English Writer of All Time

The world has witnessed many poets and dramatists. However, William Shakespeare is known as the best in this category… of all time. He is a critical analyst who has shown the world the ways to resolve problems virtually through his literary excellence.

Early Days
William Shakespeare was born on 26 April, 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon in England to John Shakespeare and Mary Arden. For his schooling, he attended King’s New School.

Shakespeare was married to Anne Hathaway and the couple were blessed with three children: daughter Susanna, and twins Hamnet and Judith. At the age of 11, Shakespeare’s only son Hamnet fell ill and sadly he died.

Shakespeare’s Plays
William Shakespeare has written several plays on different categories: comedy, tragedy and history. He never published his plays and no written manuscripts of his plays are available. Some of the unauthorized plays were published. Language and the English used in the 16th century is different from that used today. So, a Shakespearean dictionary was included along with the publications.

Shakespeare’s plays were performed at The Theatre and the Curtain in Shoreditch. After some years, due to some land problems, The Globe was constructed and plays were performed there. The Globe was the theatre known for the viewing pleasure of Shakespeare’s plays. He grew in fame and wealth after his plays became more and more popular. His remarkable plays include ‘Romeo and Juliet’, ‘The Merchant of Venice’, ‘Hamlet’, ‘As You Like It’ and many more…

Shakespeare’s Poetic Excellence
The Literary Genius has written many poems and sonnets. Plays were common among people in those days. However, poets used their imagination and created poems and plays for the elite. Shakespeare’s poems are enjoyed by all, even today. Lines from his poems are quoted in many stories and plays. Today, Shakespeare’s poems are read even in the lower levels of education. The themes and messages conveyed are simply brilliant and some have gone over controversies. ‘The Phoenix and the Turtle’, ‘Venus and Adonis’ and ‘A Lover’s Complaint’ are some of his best poems.

Shakespeare’s Sonnets were the final ones that were printed. The sonnets were dedicated and many have popularized the lines by redefining certain things.

Shakespeare’s Writing Style
Shakespeare’s writings were based both on his traditional style and conventional style. His writings had pure passion in them. The emotional tragedy and romantic style influenced people. He has poured words from the core of his heart. Although he returned to artificial styles, his imagination and presentation of words in his poems and sonnets prove that he is truly a genius.

William Shakespeare is a man with merits of hardihood and originality. With thousands of literary creations he still lives in the hearts of people. As long as English Literature exists, Shakespeare and his works remain alive.