Effective Tips
Long Healthy Hair

Growing long and healthy hair is simple; it takes time and patience. Hair is the crowning glory of all women. Hair growth depends on your diet, body health, hormonal changes, environmental conditions and your stress level. It is possible to balance all these if you avoid certain practices and adopt some measures.

There are some Do’s and Don’ts for growing a long and healthy hair.


* Wash your scalp on periodic intervals with a shampoo that does not contain too many chemicals and agents
* Use conditioners for your hair type and rinse your hair with water
* Use normal water to wash your hair
* Moisturize your hair to keep your scalp fresh
* Dry your hair in air and comb your hair at the tips
* Leave your hair free at the maximum, so that scalp does not get any kind of irritation
* Brush your hair every night in all directions and start brushing from the scalp to the hair tip
* Massage your hair with any oil or any herbal mixture thrice a week
* Eat healthy food and maintain your diet
* Add more vegetables and fruits to your diet
* Take fish, red meat and chicken at least once in a day or balance this diet by consuming additional vegetables
* Take dry fruits and liquid foods rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins
* Eat egg’s and drink milk regularly to maintain your hair
* Apply castor oil or olive oil once in a week
* Use herbal or natural products in addition to coconut oil on a daily basis
* Drink more water and exercise regularly
* Have a sound sleep for 8 hours every day
* Take some naps (10-15 minutes) at regular intervals every day


* Do not wash your hair with hot water as this removes the natural oils present in your scalp
* Avoid using shampoos often and stop using different shampoos
* Do not brush or comb your hair when it is wet
* Do not plat your hair tight as it gives irritation to your scalp
* Do not overeat or kill your hunger
* Avoid going to bed in day time and late night sleep
* Do not handle your hair roughly when washing, drying, combing or brushing
* Stop eating junk foods as they do not contain any nutritional value, they only cause health problems
* Do not use others’ hair accessories and keep in mind not to use the same unwashed towel, comb, pillow case after you wash your hair
* Avoid using hair dryers, steamed rollers and blowers as they make the hair follicles unhealthy

Your head contains approximately 100,000 hairs. It takes roughly 1 month for each hair to grow one half or one third an inch. To prevent hair fall and stimulate the growth, the above said tips would help you. It is not you get hair growth all on a sudden. For natural and healthy hair growth it takes time.

Adopt healthy practices and be happy!!!