Come on, Let’s Fly!

EasyJet Airline Company Limited (easyJet) is a British airline established in 1995. The airline has its headquarters at London Luton Airport, United Kingdom. The airline operates flights between 118 European, North African, and West Asian airports on 500 routes and carries more passengers than any other UK based airline. The airline employed 8,000 people as of 30 September 2009.

The airline has seen fast expansion since its inception with many acquisitions and base openings to meet demands for low cost travel.

The airline operates more than 180 aircrafts along with its

franchise airline EasyJet Switzerland. easyJet has 20 bases across Europe and is Europe’s second largest low-cost carrier. The airline has one of its most important bases as London Gatwick Airport.


easyJet was opened by Greek-Cypriot businessman Stelios Haji-Ioannou. Initially, the airline operated two leased Boeing 737-200 aircrafts from London Luton to Glasgow and Edinburgh. easyJet’s first owned aircraft was delivered in April 1996 and was operated to Amsterdam. Until 1997, the airline had not received its Air Operator’s Certificate and was operated by GB Airways and Air Foyle.

easyJet was open in the London Stock Exchange on 5 November 2005. An 8.4% stake was purchased by FL Group, owner of the airlines Icelandair and Sterling. Later in the year, FL Group increased its stake to 16.9%. FL Group sold its stake in 2006.

easyJet became the household name in the United Kingdom during the telecast of the series ‘Airlines’ by LWT between 1999 and 2007.

easyJet purchased a 40% stake TEA Basle, a Swiss charter airline and the airline was renamed EasyJet Switzerland. The operations began on 1 April 1999 and the headquarters was relocated to Geneva International Airport. This new base was the first base of easyJet outside the United Kingdom. EasyJet publicized its intent to procure London Stansted-based Go and inherited three new bases at Bristol Airport, East Midlands Airport and London Stansted Airport. By the acquisition of Go, Boeing 737-300 aircraft numbers were doubled.

easyJet opened a new base at London Gatwick Airport and following that, the airline opened bases in Germany, France, Italy and Spain between 2003 and 2007. To expand operation at London Gatwick Airport and establish a base at Manchester Airport, the airline announced its agreement to purchase the entire share capital of GB Airways.


All EasyJet aircrafts offer the same class service for all passengers. Depending on the layout of the aircraft passenger count varies. Only smaller galleys and a lavatory are present at the rear of the aircraft. To ensure safety, some aircrafts have two pairs of overwing exits.

Complimentary meals or beverages are not provided by the airline, only a few charter flights are exceptional. The ‘EasyJet Bistro’ is EasyJet’s buy on board programme where passengers can buy products like sandwiches, hot meals, snacks, chocolates, soft and hot drinks and alcoholic drinks. Passengers can also buy gifts like fragrances, cosmetics and the airline branded items. The airline also sells tickets for airport transfer or train tickets.


Certain aircraft have In-flight Entertainment. A PSP device with 4 movies, games and TV shows pre-loaded in different languages can be rented. The screens are used to show the Airshow map, the aircraft route and time of arrival. Passengers can purchase headsets along with a travel pillow and eyeshades subject to availability. In-flight magazines that contain articles of customer interest and destination guides are published every month. Hello Magazine, Top Gear Magazine, and The Mail on Sunday are some of the magazine copies sold in easyJet flights. The Daily Mail is also obtainable aboard, at a cost of £0.50 conditional on stock.