Sincerely Yours Aeroflot

Russia’s flag carrier and largest passenger traffic airline Aeroflat was founded on 9 February 1923. The airline has its headquarters at Moscow and commenced operations on 15 July 1923. The airline has its hub at Sheremetyevo International Airport. With a fleet of 94 aircraft, the airline operates services to 97 cities in 48 countries. It is one of world’s oldest airlines and it was the first airline to operate regular jet services.

The airline was the largest soviet airline; but, following USSR’s dissolution, it was a semi-privatized airline. It is one of the profitable airlines in the world. It is a member of SkyTeam Alliance since April 2006.

In European Russia, after the Civil War, the Government was completely in the operation to oversee new air transport projects. The first act was to operate flights from Russia to the west based on the Germany-Russian joint venture. The first operating fleet from 1923 was renamed Aeroflot by the officials in 1932. Aeroflot became the largest airline by the end of 1930s. In the 1940s the fleets were used for military aviation as well.

In 1971, the airline was authorized for international operations and was within the IATA platform. The United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, Cuba, Mexico and the People’s Republic of China were the added continents.

The Aeroflot service between the Soviet Union and United States was disrupted from 1983-1990. The president Ronald Reagan revoked flights in and out of the United States after the downing of Korean Airlines. The airline expanded fast and by 1992, there were 10,000 aircraft in operation. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the airline was divided into 300 regional airlines. Many flag carriers and airlines that operate today are mostly part of the old Aeroflat. In 1994, 49% stake was sold off to the Aeroflat employees by the Government and the airline was registered as a joint stock company.

After 2000, Aeroflat expanded its cargo operations and improved in its earnings and passenger traffic. The merger between Rossiya and Aeroflot was done to stabilize the financial position of the company.


Aeroflot offers Economic, First and Business class services to passengers.


Aeroflot Bonus is used as Aeroflot’s frequent flyer program and has three levels: Regular, silver and gold. Any passenger from the age of 2 can be a regular member. Passengers who have earned 25,000 miles can upgrade to silver and those who have earned 50,000 miles can upgrade to Gold.

Silver members have preferred seating, priority check-in, priority reservation wait listing, 10kg additional baggage allowance and boarding with first and business class passengers.

Gold members enjoy preferred seating, priority check-in, Comfort+ free of charge, lounge access, priority airport standby, high priority wait listing, baggage handling priority, invitation to a companion in business class and additional 20kg baggage allowance.