Wimbledon 2011

Only days left for the grand slam hunters to gain a sack load in the upcoming Wimbledon 2011 tournament with a total prize fund of £14,600,000. Both men and women on the courts desperate to win titles, this event captivates audiences with moments of glory and misfortune alike from the traditional home of English tennis the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club.

Wimbledon 2011 is eagerly awaited, for this is the 125th anniversary of the championship tournament, that follows conventional form, this is the only grand slam tournament played on grass since its inception in 1877.  This tournament is special as it follows the original game standards of tennis and has its own uniqueness in tradition and events.

Wimbledon Events And Schedules

Every year, the tournament starts on a Monday in the late half of June and ends with a climax on a Sundays in the first half of July.  Lasting for 13 days, the tournament has main events, junior events and invitation only events. The Middle Sunday is a rest day and matches do not take place on this day, except of course if it is a championship match.

Each event has a different match format and the tournament culminates with the ladies’ and gentlemen’s final on the second Saturday and Sunday. With a total of 19 courts in the ground, only the centre court and court No. 1 are used during the two weeks of the tournament for the main matches.

Wimbledon Tradition

Ball Boys and Girls commonly called BBGs work in crews and work for one hour on each court and take time off when changing the court. Players are generally dressed in white according to the traditional norm, however some colour accents have also been worn by the more fashionable players. Purple and dark green are the traditional colours of Wimbledon. Match officials and the BBGs were allowed to be dressed in their green uniforms till 2005, but this was changed to dark blue and cream colour in 2006.

Media Coverage and Tickets

Many different countries cover of the tournament and broadcasting takes place on a variety of channels. The live coverage of the finals is shown by some television channels. Tennis fans get tickets and queue cards and this is the only tournament that offers the fans the chance to wait for the ticket and get a seat. 500 seats are allotted in each court and fans wait in queues to get a ticket to the show courts. Campers are offered all facilities, but if they wish to stay overnight for tickets additional arrangements are not made. The queuing is in progress only till the quarter finals.

Winner Trophies and Prize Money

Wimbledon 2011 singles champions win prize money of £1,100,000 each. A silver gilt cup is awarded to the Gentlemen’s Singles Champion and the Ladies’ Singles Champion wins a sterling silver salver adorned with figures from Mythology.  Winners of the Men’s and Women’s Doubles take home £250,000 each while the winners of Mixed Doubles win prize money of £92,000.

Set yourselves to be part of the Wimbledon 2011 from 20th June to 3rd July. Check out what Wimbledon has got different in its 125th year.