Westminster – One of London’s
Historic Cities

Westminster is one of Central London’s major tourist hubs on the North banks of River Thames. Located in the heart of the City of Westminster, this site houses some of London’s prestigious landmarks like Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Parliament Building of London, Westminster Cathedral…

Westminster is steeped with centuries of Royal history with the Westminster Abbey being the traditional venue of the city. The present site is historically part of Middlesex, one of London’s historic counties. The Abbey was built on the Thorney Island which is considered to be the core of the city. The Royal residence of the since 1066, the Palace of Westminster is located next to the Abbey and currently houses the Parliament and Law Courts of Britain. The Monarchy and law courts were moved to the Palace of Whitehall and the Royal Courts of Justice.  One of the major English Schools, Westminster School is sited close to the Palace and Abbey. It’s also a residential area with traditional working class people.

Being a landmark of historical importance and tourist attraction, the city houses a wide range of cheap and Bed and Breakfast hotels to luxury hotels for example; The Wellington Hotel, Days Inn London Westminster Hotel, Dukes Hotel, May Fair Hotel… Whether you are on a business trip or a tourist trip, you have plenty of options to choose from catering to your needs and budget.  Accommodation options and other facilities in these hotels are excellent.

Westminster is known to people all over the world no matter whether they have visited England or not. When you switch on to any of the English television channels, you will find this city in the background depicting the historical value and architecture of the country. Visit the city to enjoy great deal of culture, nightlife, iconic landmarks and entertainment.