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A Quick Look at Manchester

Manchester is a city located in the South Central part of North West England and is a borough in Greater Manchester. The history of the city dates back to the 1st century.

The world’s first railway station was constructed in this site. It is also the site from where the first programmable computer was developed by splitting an atom. The city is renowned for various aspects. But, sporting connections are exceptional! Manchester is best known for its football team, Manchester United. Football has been a key part of Manchester life and this team is the most supported team not only in Manchester but they have a following worldwide.

Manchester is famous for generating the World famous Brit-pop scene ‘Madchester’ in the early 90’s. The night life in the city has gradually become quiet, but even today it is an envy of many British cities.

Manchester is home to number of prestigious theatres in England like The Palace, The Opera House, The Lowry and The Royal Exchange. The Palace and The Opera House host the major touring West-End productions like Mama-Mia, We Will Rock You and Evita.

Manchester is home to some of World class music venues like the Bridgewater Hall and M.E.N.Arena. The Bridgewater Hall is home to the BBC Philharmonic, Manchester Camerata and Halle Orchestras. All big A-List names in popular music have the M.E.N.Arena as their music venue.

Manchester boasts a number of well known museums like Museum of Science and Industry and the Manchester Museum. Some of the best collections of Egyptian articrafts in the UK are found at the Manchester Museum.

Besides having reputation in football, music and culture, Manchester is known for its industrial development. Manchester has twinning arrangements with many cities in the world like Tampere (Manchester of Finland), Ahmedabad (Manchester of the East) and many more.

Manchester is second largest and busiest city in UK after London in all aspects, transport, manufacturing, economy, development and culture. Manchester is generally not in the UK’s list of attractions that include London, Bath, Oxford, and York …But, it’s a thriving metropolis that is ideal for shopping or employment in the UK. Life is interesting in Manchester and it is worthy of a visit!

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