Simple Tips for Good Health

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”  – World Health Organization, 1948

As the saying goes, health is everything in life; in other words, good health gives you all that is needed for physical, mental and social well being. Consumption of healthy food cannot merely make you healthy. Besides healthy food, there are some determinants that correlate the physical, social and economic environment you live in to keep you healthy.

Think High – Your thoughts are your first motivators. Always, practice things that help you boost your morale in life. Work to make your thoughts live and this success gives you a fulfillment of life.

Empower Yourself – Knowledge is your key partner in all your activities. Involve yourselves in different activities and also learn new things to make yourselves proficient in all stands.

Energize Yourself – Breath is indispensable for life and this is the thing that you do every second. It’s a good practice to breathe in goodness and breathe out the emotional barriers. You gain an instant feel that you are fresh, energetic, responsible and can do anything.

Love Yourself – Love each and everything that you have to do. Remember, only when you love yourself, you can find what you are and what you can make with it. Only your qualities can gain you what you aspire in life.

Stay Fit – Keeping yourselves fit is key to physical and mental well being. Exercise regularly to keep your body and mind fresh. It gives you confidence and keeps you active throughout the day.

Eat Healthy Foods – Feed yourselves with healthy food. Practice proper eating and food habits to maintain a balanced diet. The food you eat should contain all necessary ingredients and support all physiological and psychological functions.

Be Patient – You can achieve anything in life if you are patient. Even if you lose something or get irritated, do not lose heart or blame others. Think and act to make best use of your potentials for your goodness.

Human life is too short and you need to understand the value of your life. If you follow all these, you would be the healthiest and happiest person on Earth.