5 Must See Events in 2012 Olympics

london-olympics-2012The countdown has come to 140 days…London 2012 features about 26 sports that split into 39 disciplines. With the medal hopefuls dedicated at practice and competition severe this time, 2012 Olympics is the most anticipated events to be held ever in the UK. With more professionalism, spirit of sports and standard of competitors and events, 2012 is going to be a fantastic spectacle. Some events are expected to be more sensational.


Athletics is one sport that clearly brings to action the fastest and fittest people to the competition. Competitors just run or jump in different ways and expose their physicality in track and field. It’s great to watch the performance from all athletes and the medal hopefuls who put increased effort of different levels. In athletics, the 100 metre sprint is anticipated much with the presence of Usain Bolt who is expected to set some new records beating his own record. He does something new each time and the 2012 Olympics is a big stage for him to do so once again.


Cycling is unique when it comes to competitions. The style of the event and the competitive nature is totally different. It’s thrilling to watch the finish line. And, when you have cyclists cycling in opposite directions your eyes keep moving in both the directions. As the cyclists get closer to the finish line, the excitement is high. The host Nation, Great Britain is in good form in cycling and has proven to be the best in the past.


Swimming is purely a competition among the fittest people. Swimmers have to put their efforts to propel them through the water. It looks very exciting as neither the competitors nor the people who watch it can guess who will finish first. In different formats, swimmers have to use the right strategy and hold their nerve to carry on the same effort right from the beginning. Anyone can win the event and it is all about focus on the technique and pulling out your maximum effort at a uniform pace.


The Marathon is a true test of the strength and stamina of competitors. Being the longest race, sports fans can spend hours watching the event and enjoy a ride throughout the city. You can enjoy sports and at the same time explore more on your route by following the participants. It would be interesting to see the finishing lines as the participants with the best stamina reach the finishing points fast.


Gymnastics is a breath taking event to watch. Gymnasts’ moves and various positions they pull off can leave the audience speechless. There are not much competitors when it comes gymnastics, only some competitors are really capable of getting into the event.

Wait for the action!