Unveiled Destinations In UK

Spending your holiday and leisure time in a gorgeous place is generally everyone’s dream. If you are lucky enough to be someone who is looking for a fabulous destination for this very reason, then I would suggest that you could do a lot worse than flying to the UK. Selecting the UK as your holiday destination is a choice that allows you a retreat that can provide you with complete rejuvenation if you so wish, but if it’s the faster pace of travel rest assured there is lot’s to do and see in the UK.

The UK comprises of a few countries that are separate entities yet are intrinsically linked. For the younger at heart of you there are a variety of theme parks, Thorpe park on the outskirts of London about 60 minutes away from the capital, Alton towers north of London just past the midlands area approximately 3 hours from the heart of London, and many more.

For those of you who are more inclined to look at history there is the option of visiting historical sites that represent not only the modern day aspects of the UK but also the colonial past of the British Empire, the tower of London, the Palace of Westminster are a couple of examples in the heart of London. But let’s not forget that the UK is more than just London. You also have historical sites such as Stonehenge, in Scotland not only do you have stunning views of landscapes but you also have the famous Loch Ness location of the supposed monster from pre historic times that is said by many to still exist even today.

Shopping! If that is your thing then London is your place, London offers some of the best shopping in the world! Whether you are looking to buy incredible unique articles of fashion from any of the very many boutiques dotted around London, Carnaby street, Chelsea, etc. or whether you want to window shop, Regent street, Oxford street, Knightsbridge. Did you know it was once said that you could buy anything from Harrods of Knightsbridge, if I remember correctly I even read that once a customer as a joke asked to buy a live elephant, and guess what they sold him one! I wonder where he kept it?

What else is there in London, oops sorry the UK, the answer is simple everything! Some of the biggest soccer, we call them football teams, the birth place of cricket, Lords and the MCC, The lake district beauty beyond belief, The slate quarries of Wales that helped power the industrial revolution, the old quaint towns and villages dotted around the UK, the history of the world encompassed in the UK’s museums some of which are free to enter, the pomp and ceremony of the royal palaces dating back 100’s of years.

You know it is said if you want to live life then live in London, but I think this applies to the entire British Isles that make up the UK. So if you are visiting the UK don’t just restrict yourself to London, give it a go and see what the rest of the UK has to offer, Good Luck and enjoy!