Travel from Heathrow to London

Heathrow can be easily reached from London by private or public transport. Explore the following options to make a judicious decision on the most suitable mode of transport.

Heathrow Airport by Coach

To directly travel from London to Heathrow airport, you can avail National Express coach service. Heathrow Airport Central Bus Station, out of which the coach services operate, is open 24 hours and is situated between Terminals 1, 2 and 3. Either walk down from the terminals to the bus station or board the free Heathrow Connect of Heathrow Express to reach the bus station.

Heathrow Airport by Taxi

Taxis are a wonderful and convenient way for London airport transfers. Around 600 taxi companies serve Heathrow airport. Get great rates for airport taxis from some of these companies. Be sure to use only a black cab or reputable minicab and never any unauthorised drivers. A metered trip in a black cab from Heathrow to Central London should cost you between £50 and £80. The time duration is from 30 minutes to one hour. Minicabs are far cheaper.

Heathrow Airport by Heathrow Express

Travel by the quickest mode of transport from Heathrow airport to Central London using the Heathrow Express. It takes a mere 15 minutes to reach the city center as these trains are non-stop ones. Departures are every 15 minutes and tickets are available online.

Heathrow Airport by Heathrow Connect

Heathrow Connect takes just 25 minutes to take you from London Paddington to London Heathrow Airport terminals 1, 2 and 3. Departing every 30 minutes, a single ticket costs just £6.90 on the Heathrow Connect. Thus, this offers a very cost-effective way to travel to London Heathrow Airport. Huge luggage space, plus air conditioning to give you pleasurable travel is what Heathrow Connect has to offer.

Heathrow Airport by Underground

Heathrow has three stations on London Underground’s Piccadilly Line – one for Terminals 1, 2 & 3, one for Terminal 4 and one for Terminal 5. About 50 – 60 minutes is all that is required to travel to central London. Tubes are there for departure every five minutes at peak times and every nine minutes when it is off-peak time and weekends.

So, there is the availability of multiple modes of transport to get to the Heathrow airport from London. Make your pick after some consideration of travel time and costs and enjoy your journey!