Taxi Cab or Heathrow Express?

Heathrow Express provides an effective service allowing a large number of people to go from Central London to Heathrow. It has been elected the very best train firm in the United Kingdom, although it is cost effective for an individual who travel to or from Heathrow. But, the taxi cab option is more cost effective if you are going in a large number compared to individual.

Therefore, three or more people going to any Heathrow airport terminals are less expensive by taxi cab compared to Heathrow Express? Let’s have a quick look into the numbers:

  • The Heathrow Express ticket price for two people is £40.00.
  • Taxi to Heathrow (saloon car): £35.00 (online card booking) or £40.00 (Cash Booking).
  • Heathrow airport taxi benefits: free waiting time, meet & greet service, £5.00 discount on your each journey, no carrying your luggage around station, doorway service and so on.

If three or more travelling, then the taxi cab option is far cheaper as well as more convenient.

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