Summer in London

London is one of the most scintillating cities in the world due to the optimum temperature, longer days and summer special events, tourists from across the globe love to visit London during the summer season. A tour during summer can however be a blow to your wallet without proper pre planning strategies. From airport transfers to hotel reservations it is important for tourists to pre book their services. Summer in London is the time for festivals, sports, carnivals and colorful shows that bring you the true essence of this old English city. From outdoor opera to pop-up bars, street parties to music festivals, new film releases to hot restaurant openings, London has plenty to keep you busy every summer.

Special Events:

Every summer London hosts some world renowned shows for its tourists. Walking with Dinosaurs at the Wembley Arena, The Vaisakhi festival, London Wonderground and the Regent Street Windows Project are a few of these festivals that showcase London’s cultural and technological evolution. These festivals and events prove to be major tourist attractions and are also most enjoyed by Londoners themselves.

Summer Sports:

From swimming to Wimbledon, summer is the time for all major sports activities in London. Tennis lovers from across the globe visit London to watch the famous Wimbledon tournament. The other sports that tourists can enjoy during summer are the Sainsbury Anniversary games, The Ashes (Cricket), the six nations rugby and polo.

Music Festivals:

Summer time is when Londoners and tourists are spoilt for choice of music events and concerts. During summer London hosts some exciting and eclectic music festivals. It is the time of the year when some of the biggest names in music stage their shows in the capital city. Small bands play delightful music across the city and keep tourists entertained. These music shows are the best part of the colourful summer celebrations in London.

Outdoor Activities:

Summer weather favours special outdoor activities which would have otherwise been difficult to practice in the uncertain weather of London. Some of the interesting outdoor activities of London are Kayaking at the West Reservoir Centre, Rollerblading in Battersea Park, Power Kiting in Richmond Park, outdoor movies at Somerset House and bird watching in Barnes.

Kids Activities:

Kids just like adults enjoy a great deal of entertainment during summer. Londoners engage their children in various summer camps. These camps offer young children the opportunity to be exposed to peers outside their immediate friends circle, learn about other cultures and ideologies and move one step ahead to accepting their own selves and the environment. For tourists there are special events like Toddlers Jam, theatres featuring kid’s special movies and extended working hours in all parks and art galleries.