Susan Taylor’s Tragic Death During the Charity Swim

A British woman Susan Taylor lost her life while trying to swim across the English Channel for a charity. Ms. Taylor took up this challenge for the charity’s Diabetes UK and The Rainbows Hospice.

Ms Taylor was swimming under the guidance of the Channel Swimming Association, which officially authorizes channel crossing attempts, she suddenly collapsed near the French Coast at about 17:30.

Ms. Taylor is the eighth swimmer to pass away while attempting to swim across the strait of Dover since 1875. Cross channel swims are dangerous according to France, because of shipping, currents and unstable weather conditions.

Mr. Arthur Wright stated that he had lost the best person in the world. David Wright a paramedic and also brother of Susan was with her on a boat with safety tools equipment. He tried to save her and pulled her on the boat however it is apparent that his efforts were invain.

The Channel Swimming and Piloting Federation’s secretary Kevin Murphy said that Susan was attempting to raise lots of money for charity.

Her social networking pages are filled with tributes and donations have reached around £300000 since her death. Ms. Taylor had an ambition, since her childhood to swim across the channel like comedian David Walliam and she tragically passed away despite the fact that she was an experienced long distance swimmer.

It is said that Susan’s role model David Walliams has also donated £1,000 to her fundraising page. She was an ambassador for the Rainbows Children’s Hospice, People can continue donating money for the two charities in recognition of her efforts.