London Travel Tips for Americans

London is often the first choice for a holiday spot in Europe for most Americans.  Though they initially believe London to be similar to their own country they are always astounded by how different London is in every aspect. Disoriented by the general myths about the city, Americans are most often disappointed. Below are a few travel tips that would help them get the best of London.

At the Airports

After you have packed right and according to the regulations of your airlines make sure you follow a few tips when you arrive in London. Booking a taxi pick up in advance is a good idea to start your journey. The old English city has several quaint places and local drivers are the best to help you find your way. At the airport make sure to pick up important brochures related to public transport and interesting tourist attractions. Chat with your driver to understand the current weather and the festivals happening in the city.

Choosing Your Plan

London is filled with tourist attractions and there can be no dearth of entertainment in the city. While planning your itinerary choose wisely from the various options thrown at you. History, food and shopping are three important aspects of the city. If you have a dislike towards crowds you may want to avoid attractions such as Changing of guard or the Portobello Road Market.  Attractions such as London Aquarium can be replaced by a history rich trip to the Tower of London or the Tower Bridge.

Booking your accommodation

If you choose to travel during summer or during the Christmas break, book your accommodation well in advance. This is the busiest period of the year and booking your accommodation in advance can help you choose the best one at a nominal rate. Also remember to choose something close to important tourist spots or near your airport.

Accept the cultural difference and enjoy your trip!!

Like any other place, London has its own trademark culture. It is the responsibility of the Americans to visit the city with an open mind. Starting from the public transport system to the behavior of the locals, nothing lies in common between the two countries. Simply embrace the new change and enjoy your trip.