Best Tips for Foreign Visitors Driving in London UK

Driving in London can help visitors tailor their holiday to their exact requirements. Public transport can be crowded and the long queues and waiting times may not be a thing you enjoy. Black Taxis are comfortable but not always economical. Exploring the city by yourself can be fun and help you find new areas of interest. To drive in London you need to hold a current valid driving license and insurance with international driving permit. Foreign drivers are required to buy a copy of the Highway Code that explains all British Road rules clearly. Follow a few driving tips in London to enjoy safe driving in London.

  • Driving in a foreign country is recommended only for well versed drivers. When you start driving in London try the country roads before you take to busier roads and highways. London has the reputation of being a congested city especially during the peak tourist season. Hold your patience and do not rush as accidents by foreign drivers are considered a serious offence.

  • Londoners practice right hand driving and most foreign drivers find it difficult to orient themselves to this side of the road.  Practise right hand driving online to familiarise yourself with right hand driving before you hire a car in the city.
  • The national speed limit is 70mph on motorways and varies based on the type of road you are driving. Follow the speed indicated in black numerals on a white board always. Speeding results in fines.
  • Londoners use hand signals and flash lights to allow, rebuke or thank other drivers.  Never use your horn until your fellow driver poses a threat during driving.
  • Parking can be a stressful task while driving in London. Finding a parking space in areas around Central London can be expensive and difficult to find. Hold patience in these cases and wait for your turn.
  • Always use broad roads and ways you are acquainted with. Do not try shortcuts as the city has quaint streets which only locals can be well versed with.

Follow these simple set of visitors driving tips in London city to ensure you enjoy the comfort of driving your own vehicle safely and correctly.

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