Weekend Events in London – 21st & 22nd September

A huge number of interesting events are happening this weekend and here is some information on a few of the important and most interesting events including the Bed Bugs Sleepover at London Zoo, the Comedy Face Off, and London Fashion Week.

London Open House Weekend – Bank of England and Museum:

Date: 21st and 22nd September

This is one of the best opportunities for the public to visit the Bank of England and the Bank of England Museum. Some parts of this building are not opened to the public usually and the Open House Weekend offers a rare chance for the public to see inside of some of the iconic buildings. The Bank of England Museum tells the story of the bank and provides an opportunity for visitors to handle a 13kg gold bar. ‘London Open House’ is the largest architectural celebration, and over 700 buildings will take part this year including The Gherkin, The Shard, and Lloyd’s of London.

BedBUGS Sleepovers:

Date: 21st September

BedBUGS Sleepovers are the most exciting sleepovers for kids at ZSL, London zoo. You will be woken up by a lion roar or a gibbon’s howl. At least one adult above 18 years should accompany every 5/6 children (8-11 years old). Ticket prices include full day entry into ZSL London Zoo, all activities and exclusive tours during sleepovers, accommodation in BUGS for a night, breakfast and lots more. One out of every six children is eligible for a discounted ticket and 75 places are available per sleepover.

Vodafone London Fashion Weekend:

Date: 19th-22nd September

Vodafone London Fashion Weekend happens at the Somerset House and will feature Catwalk shows, Pop-Up Shops, Hair and Beauty, educational panels of experts and lots more. This is the ultimate place for fashion lovers and over a 100 of the United Kingdom’s top brands such as Issa London, Linda Farrow and many more are a part of this event. Five designers will show their seasonal collections in ‘Designer Highlight Catwalk Shows’ and each show will last approximately up to 20 minutes. Julien MacDonald’s collections will be showcased at 6:30pm on 21st September.

Comedy Face/Off Richard Blackwood VS Kojo:

Date: 22nd September

Two of the top urban comedians of the United Kingdom – Richard Blackwood and Kojo, come together at 7pm on 22nd September at Indig02 to entertain the audience. Flamesradio and Harmony productions’ Comedy face/Off ‘Clash of the Titans’ with Richard VS Kojo will be hosted by energetic Kane Brown. The entry price is £22.50 (£30 for VIP) and people above 18 years are only allowed for this four hour event. You can purchase tickets in other outlets such as Asaphir Beauty Salon, Kriss Kuts, everybody Music, Hawkeye Records and lots more.

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