St. James’s Park

London is the home to eight royal parks  located in different parts of the city. These vast areas of parkland are conserved with a view to ensure that tourists and future Londoners have a chance to experience simple yet fascinating fun through nature’s best. Millions of people visit these parks with family and friends every year. St. James’s Park is one of the well conserved royal parks and is the oldest of them all.

The park is located in the city of Westminister in Central London and extends up to 90 acres.  It is surrounded by other famous tourist attractions such as the Buckingham Palace, St. James’s Palace and Birdcage Walk. The park can be accessed using the underground tube stations of Victoria and Westminster. It is made of two main parts, The Mall and The Horse Guards Parade. The park hosts the “Trooping the Color” ceremony every year to commemorate the Queen’s birthday. The event is a colorful parade ceremony that extends up to the Buckingham Palace where the Queen acknowledges the parade.  Millions of tourists witness the procession from the Mall or along the edge of the park.

The chiseled parkland is an apt place to take a walk with your loved ones. Children in the family would love to play in the open spaces and enjoy watching the ducks and swans in the park. Most tourists recommend the tourist attraction as a must see spot and are completely awed by its picturesque beauty. Occasionally the park also airs films for public viewing. What could be better than catching up with friends or a fun film in a beautiful open space on a sunny afternoon?

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