Travel From Heathrow to Various Places in London

London Heathrow Airport is the main airport in London and has 5 terminals. It is facilitated with good transport links to various places in London. Here’s some information on travel from Heathrow to Amersham, Aylesbury and Wimbledon.

Heathrow to Amersham:

Amersham is located in the Chiltern district in Buckinghamshire and is around 19 miles away from London Heathrow airport. You can reach Amersham by taxi within 35 minutes via the A355 and A413. Amersham Museum, St. Mary’s Church, Amersham Field Centre, the Equestrian Centre-Shardeloes Farm and many more attractions are available in Amersham. You can pre book a taxi from Heathrow to Amersham for a reliable and timely journey.

Heathrow to Aylesbury:

Aylesbury is a town in Buckinghamshire and is around 40 miles away from London Heathrow. Waddesdon Manner, Aylesbury Waterside theatre, Chiltern Brewery, Buckinghamshire County Museum, Roald Dahl’s Children’s Gallery and many more attractions are the highlights in Aylesbury. You can travel to Aylesbury in around 50 minutes via the M25 and A41. Pre book a taxi from Heathrow to Aylesbury for a comfortable journey.

Heathrow to Wimbledon:

Wimbledon is a suburban district in London and is located within Greater London. It is home to the world famous Wimbledon Tennis Championships. Heathrow is around 20 miles away from Wimbledon and you can reach Wimbledon in 50 minutes via the M4 and A205. The Buddhapadipa Temple, The Colour House, Wimbledon Museum, Polka Theatre and many more attractions are a part of Wimbledon. Hire a taxi from Heathrow to Wimbledon for a convenient transfer.