Taxi or Minicab which is best in London for transportation services?

The basic difference between a taxi and minicab is that taxis are vehicles that are hired on the go while minicabs are services that you pre book online. Taxis are more expensive and less safe than minicabs. Minicabs are all licensed and are 100 percent safe during all hours of the day.

Minicabs are very accommodative and are available even during public holidays. When you book a minicab for an airport transfer, the service provider will offer free flight monitoring services and ensure your pick up is there on time irrespective of the weather, flight delays or cancellations or any kind of public perturbation.

In minicabs, passengers are completely entrusted in the hands of the drivers and it is important that their comfort and safety are given the top most priority. They are also responsible for the customers’ baggage and must ensure that they reach their destination safely and promptly.