How to Get from LHR to LGW

Heathrow and Gatwick are the two largest, busiest and most advanced airports in London. More than 50 % of total air traffic in London is controlled by these two airports. Gatwick airport is located in West Sussex and Heathrow is located in the London borough of Hillingdon. The distance between the two airports is approximately 45 miles. If you are wondering how to get to Gatwick from Heathrow then you may opt for one of the following options.

National Express Coach

The National Express Coach service connects the two airports all days of the week between 12.05 am to 11.35 pm. The coach service can be booked online or hailed directly from any terminal. The service is comfortable, reliable but highly time consuming. This option is suitable for passengers travelling mindful of time and with less baggage.


Shuttle bus services operate from Heathrow to Gatwick at regular frequencies. Buses work similar to coaches and are more frequent during day time. The road route between the two airports is direct, a little congested during peak hours and the distance can be covered in about 70-80 minutes.


The two airports are not connected directly by rail and it takes longer than via road route. However, some passengers still choose to travel by trains to Gatwick from Heathrow as it is cheaper and less crowded during non-peak hours. To use the train from Heathrow passengers can take up two different routes. Passengers can either take the Piccadilly tube line to Victoria station and then board Gatwick Express or use the Southern line from Central London to reach Gatwick.


A private licensed taxi is the quickest way to travel between the two airports. Private taxis can be hired directly outside both terminals at Gatwick.  Taxis are 100% safe and take less than an hour to reach Heathrow airport.  Service charge for taxis is not fixed and can cost you about 40 to 50 pounds in this case.


Minicabs work similar to taxis except that it can only be pre booked. Pre book taxi Heathrow services from the airport to avail free flight monitoring services and free 30 minutes of waiting time. Any flight cancellations and delays will thus be taken care automatically. Advance payment of fixed service charge eliminates the need to change currency in a jiff.