How to Get to Heathrow Terminal 3?

London Heathrow airport, located in the London Borough of Hillingdon is made up of five passenger terminals and one cargo terminal. Terminal 3 like the other terminals is a well maintained entity that caters to the needs of millions of passengers every year. The terminal was first opened in the year 1961 and was initially called the Oceanic terminal.

Read on to find out about the various transport links that connect the airport to different parts of the city.

Facilities at Terminal 3

The entire terminal building offers easy access to all basic amenities such as restrooms, payphones, prayer rooms, infant rooms, currency exchange kiosks and ATMs. For business passengers the terminal offers three business lounges etched with luxury and comfort. Stores of world renowned brands like Chanel and Hermes also adorn the terminal building. If you are looking to unwind with some good wine and delicious steak, then terminal 3 offers plenty of options. The terminal also has great coffee shops to grab a quick bite of freshly baked goodies.

Public Transport from Terminal 3

If you wish to hail the tube or bus from terminal 3, you can do so with great ease as it shares a tube station and a central bus station along with terminals 1 and 2. Tubes start at this point and run up to Cockfosters station. The central bus station is 10 minutes-walk away from the terminal building and brings in passengers from Kinston, Uxbridge, Harlow, Croydon, and Kensington.

Taxis and minicabs in Terminal 3

Taxis and minicabs can be hired outside the terminal building with no hassle. The most preferred way of travelling to terminal 3 from anywhere in London is by booking a minicab or hiring a taxi. Taxis and minicabs offer unprecedented comfort and safety that cannot be match by other transport links. Additionally when you book a minicab to Heathrow airport you can avail great seasonal offers and discounts. The most appealing features of minicabs are free flight monitoring service, promptness and the knowledgeable chauffeurs who make the ride informative and entertaining.