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What is the Fastest and Cheapest Way to Travel from Heathrow to Stansted?

All airport transfers must be planned well in advance in order to ensure there are no last minute mishaps. Heathrow and Stansted are two of the busiest airports in UK and strolling across London to reach one airport from another could be a tiresome task.  Read on to find the fastest and cheapest way to travel from Heathrow to Stansted.

Cheapest Transport from Heathrow to Stansted

The cheapest way to shuttle between two places may not be a direct service. It involves travelling via Central London and changing lines in intermediary stops. Also doing so costs passengers almost three hours when you can actually cover the distance in just one hour. Passengers can take the tube to Victoria station from Heathrow and then opt for the Terravision service to reach Stansted. The same can be followed via Liverpool station and by replacing Terravision with Stansted Express. If passengers wish to avoid the crowd at Central London stations, another option would be to change lines at Stratford. However in each case, passengers get to save some pounds but are highly prone to delays.

Fastest Transport from Heathrow to Stansted

Direct services between airports are the fastest way to reach Stansted from Heathrow. National Express Coach runs between the two airports frequently throughout the day. The journey time takes about 60 minutes and these coaches can get really crowded during peak hours of the day. Passengers who wish to combine speed, style and comfort choose taxi from Heathrow to Stansted. Taxis can be availed from all four terminals of Heathrow and they offer direct service to Stansted with no hassles. Taxi drivers are mostly locals and they are well versed with all routes and shortcuts. They are also trained to handle all traffic situations with composure and therefore ensure safety of their passengers at all times. Taxis offer great style and incomparable comfort for a stress free travel anywhere in London.

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