St Albans to Heathrow

London is home to one of the busiest airport systems in the world. Of the six international airports in London, Heathrow is the largest and busiest. It is made of four passenger terminals and each terminal is equipped with top class facilities, restaurants and shopping areas. Buses, trains, tube and taxis run regularly from Heathrow and connect it to various parts of the country. Heathrow is located 15 miles away from Central London and serves millions of passengers every year.

St Albans in southern Hertfordshire is situated 22 miles away from Central London. It is a small market town that entertains a large of tourists especially during weekends. Top tourist attractions of St Albans are the Museum of St Albans, Sopwell House, St Albans Cathedral, Old Gorhambury House and Verulamium Park. Tourists can also enjoy other activities like music shows, exhibitions and concert while visiting St Albans

The distance between St Albans and Heathrow is 26 miles. The fastest as well as the easiest way to connect to Heathrow from St Albans is by hiring a taxi. Taxis offer extraordinary luxury and ensure passengers are enjoying maximum comfort. Minicabs can be booked online and payment is made conveniently using debit or credit cards. This also allows for customisation of the trip based on passenger’s preference. For instance if a passenger wants a taxi pickup from Heathrow terminal 5 to one of the best hotels in Central London with an intermediary meeting with a friend, the same can be executed by informing the service provider in advance. Taxi service providers accept route change while travelling anywhere in London and charges accordingly.

Hiring taxi from St Albans to Heathrow also offers additional benefits like free flight monitoring, 30 minutes of free waiting time and a wide range of vehicles to choose from. These extra perks and the ability to take passengers promptly to any location in and around London, makes taxis the most ideal choice.