Best Places to Buy Smartphone Accessories at a Reasonable Price in London

Smartphone Accessories at a Reasonable Price in LondonIn the digital age today, the smartphone is no more a luxury but a mandate. While travelling in London, smartphones can be used to locate new places, communicate easily and work on the go. Therefore it is critical to stay equipped with a smartphone in good working condition and also have all its accessories in place.

International airports in London have technology and entertainment stores like Dixons Travel and Harrods that sell mobile phone accessories for all major brands like Apple and Samsung. However the prices may be a little more than the normal rates. Here is a list of shops in London city that sell accessories for smartphone`s at reasonable rates.


London has 40+ Maplin stores and the one closest to Central London is at the Liverpool Street. The store is a vast ocean of all types of electronic goods and it is very unlikely that one does not find what he wants. The store is open from 8.00 AM to 7.00 PM and works all seven days of the week. Other Maplin stores can be found in areas such as Kensington, Canary Wharf, Hounslow, Wimbledon and Croydon.


Two miles away from Central London, in Walworth Road is an interesting store called “Poundland”. The place sells all kinds of merchandise starting from baby products to fashion accessories. The best part about the store is that all its products are priced at only £1.00 GBP. So if you are looking for charge cables, screen guards or USB chargers, you can avail them at his store for only £1.00 GBP each.

iStore Strand

A good percentage of smartphone users are patrons of Apple. If you are one among them and if you are looking for genuine parts to compliment your phone, the iStore in Strand is a good option. This store also takes up repair services of Apple phones and since they are an authorised service centre, they are very reliable.

Apart from these options, if you are staying in London for a while, then eBay and Amazon may also be good options to look for cheaper products in London.