Best to Choose Taxi Services To & From All the Major Airports in London During the Chinese New Year

Transportation During Chinese New YearLondon is about much more than getting to grips with Britishness, the UK’s capital is one the world’s most multicultural cities. Over the years London has developed traditional events and celebrations that are held in public places where people join, irrespective of their culture and belief.

Chinese New Year:

Today more than 78,000 individuals of Chinese decent live in London. Every year between late January and mid-February people from all over the world welcome in the Chinese New Year with loud and colourful decorations, dancing dragons.

The month of February becomes especially busy for the Chinese, as they start their New Year shopping, decorating their homes by pasting Door God images, hanging spring couplets, paintings and paper cut outs.

Celebration continues for 15 days and ends with the Lantern Festival where Individuals send up high gleaming lamps into the sky while others let floating lights go on the ocean, on streams, or set them untied in lakes.

Added to your valentine day on 14th February, you might also want to join the Year of the Monkey during this gigantic Chinese New Year festivity, which will fill the greater part of the West End with loud music, gymnastics, exercises and fireworks, there will also be a great parade that includes ten lion dance groups that are set to take off from Trafalgar Square as early as 10:00 am and weaving its way up to the heart of Chinatown. While as the celebrations kicks of a side, shopping enthusiast and food lovers can enjoy a feast over 100 odd eateries, bars and bistros with exceptional menus and their own particular occasions on offer.

Travelling during festive seasons has always been a challenging task, especially in a city like London it gets even more challenging. Choosing the best transportation might give you an endless time, if you haven’t chosen Minicabs and taxis. Taxi services are available 24/7 and all through the year irrespective of the season and they have always been the best option as drivers are mostly local and are well experienced to handle any traffic conditions. Added to this you also get to enjoy other added benefits such as the Free flight monitoring service, Meet and Greet service and a pleasant ride with their well maintained vehicles.

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