London Trip During Wimbledon 2016

Trip to London During Wimbledon2016The name Wimbledon is chiefly synonymous with Tennis! Being venue to the oldest tennis championship in the world, it lies to the southwest of London, and comes under the London Borough of Merton. Six weeks prior to first Monday of every August, it comes to life with supporters thronging the manicured grass courts to witness players from nearly 60 nations battle for one of the most coveted Grand Slam titles.

Besides being a venue for the most prestigious tennis tournaments, Wimbledon has some of the finest attractions to make it a must visit place during your London tour. Some of the major attractions are Wimbledon Common, The Wimbledon museum, New Wimbledon Theatre, Polka Theatre, and Buddhapadipa Temple.

Wimbledon Common has some remarkable plant and wildlife that combine to make it an area of special scientific interest. The Wimbledon museum, within the All England Lawn Tennis Club houses collections of the notable tennis players of all times. Two of the region’s notable areas for entertainment are the Wimbledon theatre and Studio. They showcase some of the best West End, local and touring shows from across the United Kingdom. The Polka Theatre stages committed kids’ productions and is regarded as one of the United Kingdom’s best children’s theatre. The Buddhapadipa Temple is a multi faith temple in the United Kingdom that is also the first of its kind. Its bright interiors feature Thai Buddhist murals and Buddhist art.

Wimbledon is well connected to all major airports of London. From Heathrow, Wimbledon lies at a near distance of 16 miles, and is regularly served by London underground and Heathrow Express. Reaching Wimbledon by train or underground requires passengers to switch route at Paddington station. Train service from Gatwick involves changing over at Clapham junction for further direct connections to Wimbledon.

A near distance of 27 miles from Heathrow to Wimbledon can be covered in about 60 minutes, while a journey of nearly 33 miles from Gatwick to Wimbledon can also be completed in 60 minutes.

Changing over during train transfers between major airports and Wimbledon may get challenging during instances of added luggage or when travelling with larger groups. Opting for a private hire transfer, which can be accessed from all airport terminals is generally preferred due to its convenience and timely service. A taxi from Heathrow to Wimbledon offers the luxury of comfortable travel right from the airport terminal to the preferred destination. The service includes transfers in vehicles that are spacious for different passenger numbers and their accompanying luggage. Besides, timely pick up, drivers also assist in luggage handling and ensure the journey is completed with minimal discomfort.

Based on passenger numbers, a current approximate cost for a transfer from Heathrow to Wimbledon in a suitable carrier ranges from £ 42.00 GBP to £74.00 GBP. A discount of £5.00 GBP can be availed per journey upon prepayment through credit/debit card.