Tips for Long flights with kids

Useful Tips While Flight Travelling with KidsManaging kids on a long flight requires immense patience. It requires careful selection and management of resources to engage the children so as to not cause discomfort to fellow passengers which generally results in embarrassment.

Listed below are some tips that may prove useful during long flights with kids.

It is important to travel with a child safety seat while travelling with an infant. Also carry the child’s favourite toy for him/her to cuddle with.

Grandparents accompanying children are required to carry consent letter from legal guardians. It is also essential to have the letters stamped by legal official or notary.

Based on their age, parents can ensure that their kids carry a small backpack filled with toys and of course other essentials such as wipes, diapers and bottles.

It is also a good idea to carry quite a few extra plastic bags as they come handy to dispose food and other trash during travel.

To engage kids, parents can take them for walks up and down the aisle at regular intervals. Besides keeping them engaged, it will also win them attention of fellow passengers, if they are not sleeping.

Some kids find it engaging to look out of the window. While doing so, they can be engaged into colouring activity or snacks. Parents can also help them solve puzzles, indulge into crosswords and other activities.

Getting to airport with kids is also a time taking procedure. Hence the journey should be planned well in advance. A child/infant seat should be requested in case travelling by local car service.

Kids can also be comfortably seated in strollers while walking to the check in gates and through the airport corridors. Most of the airlines allow passengers to carry them to the gate for check in and have them outside the plane door post landing.

To avoid discomfort during take offs and landings ensure that kids have something to drink or eat prior to a flight.