Top Summer Attractions in London

London, capital city of the United Kingdom, extensively offers great rewards for those, who visit the place during summer. The months of June, July, and August are seen as a summer vacation in the United Kingdom and London is at the top with vast variety of attractions to travel and enjoy. Pack your luggage and leave your worries aside to have a trip with a mixture of memories and happiness. There are so many things that you can actually do in London, but here we will cover the one’s which will be attractive for you and your family. It is a place where there is a lot of sightseeing for children, where they could enjoy, however not to forget it should always be strictly under parental guidance.

Let’s get started about the attractions!

Top Summer Attractions in London

Buckingham Palace:

An age-old palace which is situated at the city of Westminster gathers huge attention from public during summer. It was a Royal House of the United Kingdom and later became the residence of British monarch on succession of the Queen Victoria in 1837. The wide palace possesses 775 rooms in total and holds the record for a largest private garden in London. A trip to Buckingham Palace is a must visit for any visitor to London especially during the summer seasons.

London Eye:

When you come with children for a tour to London, then they would love to see the city from the above. Located on the south bank of the River Thames, Coca-Cola London Eye is a giant wheel that carries millions of tourists daily. It is one of the most popular paid attractions in the city. Each of the ovoid capsules can hold up to 25 people and one can take a 360-degree selfie in this giant wheel.

Tower of London:

Tower of London is a historic place, and home to majesty’s crown jewels. It is situated on the north bank of the River Thames. It is a UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) world heritage site and is a must for people who are visiting London for the first time. The palace is not usually crowded and you can see a spectacular view of the Tower Bridge too. Online bookings are available for entry pass, so you can beat the queues and enjoy extra time at the place for the day.

Boat Cruises at the Thames:

When you come with your loved ones for a vacation, for sure they will not hesitate to go on a cruise ride. River Thames promisingly offers many boat cruises to have an enchanting view of London. There are several cruise contractors available, so it is advised to find the best contractor and pre-book them online to avoid last minute contingencies. Through sailing, the cruise covers most of the famous buildings alongside the riverbank.  Try to add a river cruise to your itinerary to see a whole new view of the City.

Cactus on the roof:

Partying is a way of expressing cheer among your family and friends. It is a summer party that is hosted at the South Place Hotel in London. There would be problems with the age factor as the entry is only for over 18 years of age. Tickets start from £30.00GBP and will keep you partying till the early hours on this roof top restaurant. Don’t miss it!

Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre:

When you type the above words on Google, you will be surprised looking at just the reviews. Book online and schedule a time for the play and avail it without a fee. You can book tickets via telephone and can also avail them in person. This theatre is located in Queen Mary’s Gardens, on the inner circle of Regent’s Park. Many of the top most actors in the Hollywood industry started their career from this theatre. It has a very large auditorium and can accommodate more than 1200 people. Why not take the time to watch a play in a relaxed environment.

Horse riding:

How about riding on a horse? Sounds like a great idea right? Yes, London gives favourable options for people who love horse riding. Out of several parks in London, Hyde Park and Richmond Park tops the list. Even though it is a bit costly, the memories of the experience will last forever. Think of the possibility that this maybe a once in a lifetime opportunity and don’t miss it.

Summer Safari at London Zoo:

Children get amazed when they see animals inside the zoo. It may be a great idea to make your weekend enjoyable at zoo. Book your tickets in advance because there can be huge queues inside the zoo for a safari ride. ZSL London Zoo is famous for Sunset Safari try not to miss it when you are going with your children, family or friends as they will love you even more for the experience.

Victoria and Albert Museum:

Victoria and Albert Museum is one of the world’s great museums that consists of more than 4 million objects of decorative arts and design. The collections inside are very unique and it is home to world class visitors. Located at Cromwell Road, it is surrounded and built with 12.5 acres. The exhibition welcomes people from all over the world and they are advised to book tickets in advance to enjoy this museum with your dear ones.

Churchill War Room:

An underground location, which makes you travel towards, reminisces of the world war two. You start to think like a strategist and make moves to kill your enemies. Yes, these thoughts are inevitable, as you’re inside the Churchill War Room. It is one of the war museums in London which has an audio guide. This museum educates you and many people find this place very interesting due to the history involved. There is a lot of information about war and Churchill and allow approximately four hours to understand and learn about the history. Book a ticket in advance and enjoy the splendid experience that Churchill war room offers you.

Well, the places are very little to describe in a big city like London. Make sure you don’t miss any of the above locations and plan your travel accordingly. Book a private taxi through Exclusive Airports and enjoy your travel with family and friends.