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London 2012 Olympics: 100 Days To Go

london-2012-olympicsWednesday, 18 April 2012 marked just 100 days to go to the Opening Ceremony Of London 2012 Olympic Games. Millions of people all around the UK are getting ready to welcome the whole world to be part of the big games starting on 27 July 2012. The countdown has descended to two figures…

London is all set to open its doors for the biggest games. Are you ready?????Athletes, Volunteers… Come on fans get ready to cheer the torch bearers…

20000 different flowers forming the Olympic rings at Kew Gardens, sand castle on Weymouth Beach and the Olympics 2012 motto ‘ Inspire A Generation’ revealed… 2012 is the heartbeat of the organizers… Join us and stay tuned for the big event…

5 Must See Events in 2012 Olympics

london-olympics-2012The countdown has come to 140 days…London 2012 features about 26 sports that split into 39 disciplines. With the medal hopefuls dedicated at practice and competition severe this time, 2012 Olympics is the most anticipated events to be held ever in the UK. With more professionalism, spirit of sports and standard of competitors and events, 2012 is going to be a fantastic spectacle. Some events are expected to be more sensational.


Athletics is one sport that clearly brings to action the fastest and fittest people to the competition. Competitors just run or jump in different ways and expose their physicality in track and field. It’s great to watch the performance from all athletes and the medal hopefuls who put increased effort of different levels. In athletics, the 100 metre sprint is anticipated much with the presence of Usain Bolt who is expected to set some new records beating his own record. He does something new each time and the 2012 Olympics is a big stage for him to do so once again.


Join 2012
Olympics in London

Olympics 2012– the two year countdown in the UK has started to alarm the world about the upcoming 30th Olympic Games. Sportsmanship, human achievement and the international community in one place, the world’s medal hopefuls displaying their skills, a city in complete action from 27th July to 12th August 2012– Yes! it comes as no surprise.
It’s the UK capital and busiest city London hosting Olympic Games, defeating Moscow, New York City, Madrid and Paris after four rounds of voting. Sports is not just a recreation in London; all Londoners visualize sports as a way of life. The exciting aspect of the 2012 Olympics is that London (more…)