London is one of the most interesting places to visit in the world. Filled with an equal mix of culture and modernity, the city is truly a gem that depicts the great legacy as well as the phenomenal growth of British Empire. London has tourists from every corner of the world throbbing to the city throughout the year.

Most foreign tourists travelling to London plan their vacation during the summer months starting from June up to August. Japanese plan their vacation during the traditional April and May months. There are some others who fancy a Christmas or New Year’s Eve along the English countryside. However winter with its heavy snowfall and unpredictable showers does not favour sightseeing.

Summer in London are marked by long warm days, moderate temperature, special seasonal festivals and carnivals, sports events and musical concerts that attract tourists from all over the world. When you visit London during summer, you can hire a minicab Heathrow to reach your destination with ease.

Listed below are the top five reasons to visit London during summer.

Outdoor Activities

Whether you wish to go kayaking or simply take a ride on the streets of London, summer is the most suitable season. The weather during summer offers a great opportunity to go out, enjoy the sunshine and get a real feel of the city. Summers do not experience much rainfall thus making it easy while travelling between airports or anywhere in and around London. Popular outdoor activities in London include swimming, skating, walking tours, bird-watching and barbeque parties.

Summer sports

During every summer, London becomes the playground for major sports events across the world. The ICC championship, The Wimbledon and the London Cycling Tour attracts from all continents. Apart from these world renowned events, there is a wide variety of other sports activities like Horse Riding, Rollerblading, Sailing, Polo and Paintballing.  Another important summer sports is the Royal Ascot Horse Racing. This event has a history that dates back to 300 years and is known to depict the top class fashion sense of British and their prowess in horse racing.

Summer special events

London is a proud host for several world acclaimed events. The city has something special to offer during every season and summer is no exception. Some of the key events that will be taking place during the summer are The Buckingham Palace- Summer opening, Queen’s Birthday Parade, British Beer Festival and the Lollibop Festival.