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Low Cost Airlines in Europe

Europe is the world’s second smallest continent by surface area and is home to 50 countries. It holds a huge number of airlines including some of the major airlines and low cost carriers in the world. This article provides information about low cost airlines in Europe.

Belle Air:

Belle Air is a low cost airline in Tirana, Albania and has its main hub at Tirana International Airport. It operates international flights to cities in Belgium, Germany, Greece, Italy, Kosovo, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Belle Air Europe is a sister company of Belle Air and it operates flights to Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and charter service in Egypt and Turkey. Belle Air operates flights to 24 destinations and Belle air Europe serves 14 destinations.


Jetairfly is a Belgian airline and is one of the largest leisure fleets in Europe. It provides flight service to more than 105 destinations in the Mediterranean, Red Sea, Caribbean, Canary Islands, Africa and Asia. Its hub is located at Brussels airport and it offers Economy, Buy on Board and VIP Selection service on short and medium haul flights.


Come on, Let’s Fly!

EasyJet Airline Company Limited (easyJet) is a British airline established in 1995. The airline has its headquarters at London Luton Airport, United Kingdom. The airline operates flights between 118 European, North African, and West Asian airports on 500 routes and carries more passengers than any other UK based airline. The airline employed 8,000 people as of 30 September 2009.

The airline has seen fast expansion since its inception with many acquisitions and base openings to meet demands for low cost travel.

The airline operates more than 180 aircrafts along with its