Are you visiting London during summer this year? If yes, do not forget to pack your sunscreen and flip flops and get set to enjoy a whole range of new events and festivals in the old English city.

Listed below are some great ideas to enjoy your summer holiday in London.

Grab your chance to witness Wimbledon

The British have always had a great interest in sports. Wimbledon is one of the four renowned Grand Slam Tennis titles hosted across the world. The show attracts millions of tennis lovers from across the world rushing to the venue to see their favourite stars in action. Do not miss out on your chance to witness this sports extravaganza during this summer. Book your tickets to this spectacular show and enjoy some great tennis, strawberries and cream.

The Buckingham Palace Tour

Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the Queen and the symbol of the British legacy. Located in the city of Westminster, the palace is a must see attraction during all seasons. Every summer the palace is opened to display the special royal collection to the public. This year the focus will be on the preparations for the royal events of the palace. Visit the palace this summer to get a real feel of the British royalty.

Royal Ascot

Yet another sports event from London is the Royal Ascot. The horse racing at Royal Ascot is a cultural event that is symbolic of the British tradition and heritage. This festival is all about fancy hats and horses. While the handsome horses bring in beauty to the event on one hand, the British take the opportunity offered by the event to showcase their superior sartorial taste.

City Tour

The city of London has several monuments that are steeped in rich history. A stroll down the streets of the capital is a great way to explore its uniqueness and to find out several untapped gems along the odd lanes and alleys. Summer is a great time to simply take a walk along the Thames and enjoy the scenic beauty of the city. Walking tours in London during summer are highly recommended and are a great way to get to know the city better. Walking tours also let tourists explore unique food joints and souvenir shops in the city.

Outdoor activities

Does outdoor adventure get your excitement levels high? Then summer in London will prove to be a real treat for you. Take the chance this summer to enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities in the capital. Tourists may go bird watching, kayaking, swimming, cycling or boating to enjoy the views of the golden city soaked in sunshine. Musical events and open air concerts during summer are the other great attractions worth watching out for.